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KOPDAR: Kopi Darling - Ciliwung River & Bhumi Living Space, Bogor

KOPDAR: Kopi Darling - Ciliwung River & Bhumi Living Space, Bogor
Nov 27, 2023

Kopi Darling, or KOPDAR for short, is a meetup event organized by SiapDarling community. The event involves a discussion with the Darling Squad and resource persons that, despite being relaxed and fun in nature, has a serious theme.  This activity will be held regularly and take place in several cities.

On this occasion, KOPDAR will be themed “Jangan Asal Cemplang-cemplung (sampah) ke Ciliwung” (Stop dumping (trash) into Ciliwung), where the Darling Squad will conduct a cleanup program at Delta 15 of the Ciliwung River. Afterward, the Darling Squad will be invited to take part in a talk show with waste management specialists Ikbal Alexander from Kertabumi Recycling Center and Suparno Jumar from Komunitas Peduli Ciliwung. The talk show will be held at Bhumi Living Space, Bogor.

Accommodation will be provided by SiapDarling, and the members of Darling Squad that participate will get SiapDarling merchandise.

So, let’s protect and care for the environment together, because no one can make a difference

Location:Delta 15 Sungai Ciliwung & Bhumi Living Space
Remaining Seats:0